Thursday, July 10, 2008

Caelan's Newborn Sweater

This sweater was made in the same yarn as the trim of his big boy sweater. It wraps around, making it easy to put on a newborn, and can be worn frontwards or backwards. This pattern was very quick to make (partly because of his tiny size!) and introduced some neat new techniques.

Mum's Hat

Simple hat in a nice shiny blue wool - gloves to come soon! (Started them, made a mistake, got angry - to be continued!)

Sage's Baby Dress

The best thing about this dress is definitely the little shiny ribbon threaded through eyelets around the waist. It's a sweet pattern and was satisfying to make.

Caelan's Big Boy Sweater

I loved making this sweater and I think the finished product is awfully cute. What do babies need pockets for? What do they put in them???

Daryl's Hat And Gloves

I really winged this one and I was really happy with the way this set turned out. I'm happy that the pieces looked like I had pictured in my head. The hat is the most complicated one I've made, with a mix of half-cables and ribbing. I liked the way the ribbing joined up in the decreases at the top. The effect in the scarf turned out nicely. Staggering the stripes and the checkerboard pattern (which I really liked when I did it for the baby blanket for Maya) added a lot of interest.

Nicola's Devil Hat And Gloves

Continuing the devil theme, here is a horned winter hat and matching fingerless gloves. I love this soft shiny wool - warm and cozy.

Maya's Lil' Devil Pants

When I saw this pattern I knew I HAD to make it. Again, these are too big for her right now, and will fit her when she's closer to 2 years old. The tail is attached to a button and can be removed from the pants, and the pant size can be adjusted by tightening the drawstring. I love the fine details in the pattern - the edging along the waist and the bottom of the legs is a nice touch.

Steph's Hat and Gloves

Here's the hat and glove set that seems to flatter everyone and is cozy and comfortable. Fingerless gloves are so convenient, aren't they?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Maya's Yellow Baby Sweater

This is the second sweater I made for my niece, Maya, and I love the colours together - they're so bright and fun.

Irina's Scarf

This is a simple scarf, but using massive needles made quite a lovely effect. The yarn had an interesting shimmer that reminded me of icicles - so nice for the winter. I've made many scarves but never thought to photograph any... so you'll have to use your imagination.

First Baby Sweater For Maya

This sweater was terrifying to make - it was my first and I had no idea if it would turn out. I just followed the directions and hoped for the best - but sure enough, the bits all fit together in the end and it's decent. The funny thing is that I've made several baby sweaters since, but this one still hasn't been worn - I made it for a 2 year old before she was even born (hey, I had no idea how long it was going to take!)

This and the previous picture were taken on a hotel bed - I forgot to take pictures before transporting them on the trip to give them to my brother.

Maya's Baby Blanket

This blanket definitely took a while, but I was proud of the way the pattern turned out. I thought I'd see what happened when I tried to knit and purl in a checkerboard pattern, and as you can see, it's a pretty cool effect. I like creating pattern through texture rather than colour - it's more subtle and interesting. The psychotic thing about this blanket is that I carried the white on both sides for the border so I constantly had 3 balls of wool on the go and had to detangle after each line. Nutty? Yes. Is there a better way to do it? Still unsure.

Knitting is for Cool People!!!

Hi all,

I wanted to centralize my knitting work and put it on display (if only for myself). I LOVE this hobby and I love that it results in gifts for the people I care about (and the babies I care about!) Here is my work so far and I'll keep adding new projects as they are finished.